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Learn about water: Save Money!
Posted on Friday, December 07 @ 09:04 PM Learn about water

To save water is also to save money, but to only decrease the amount of water is to lower the comfort. An ELLESS product improves the comfort and saves water!

When filling a kitchen-sink with water, nothing is saved with a lower flow, it will create irritation if it takes to long time.

The savings are accomplished during rinsing and similar situations with running water. ELLESS saving-jet-collector increases the water-speed and mixes air into the water already at low flows. This means that rinsing will need 35-50% less water without decreasing the water-jetís rinsing properties. A modern kitchen-faucet has a flow of 6-10 liters/minute and with ELLESS saving-jet-collector 3-5 liters/minute when rinsing glasses and china. The water-jet feels richer and heavier with ELLESS Saving-jet-collector.

Hot water in housing is a large part of the heating-costs (30-55%), depending on how well the house is insulated. An well-insulated house has a higher percentage then a poorly insulated. With very small and simple means the hot-water consumption can be decreased up to 30%, depending on what steps are taken and what the family-members habits are and what type of sanitary and other equipment are installed. Recalculated in heating-costs this means a saving up to 15% of the total heating-costs. A payoff-time in months.

If there is a heat pump heating the house and hot water there are further reasons to decrease hot-water consummations. A smaller temperature differential between the received and emitted heat increases dramatically the efficiency of the heat pump. The temperature used for heating is most of the time a lot less then the hot-water temperature. When producing heat for heating the compressor works with less pressure and less temperature-difference, the efficiency will dramatically increase and less wear and tear as a result.

The combination of swivel-head and our saving-jet-collectorís high-class function feels direct as a raised standard, irrespective of type of faucet, age and manufacture etc. This applies even to single-handle and thermostat faucets. By the increased speed in the saving-jet-collector and the swivel-head will result in an improved standard.

With ELLESS patented products for water and energy-economizing the cost of colds water is normally reduced with 20% and up to 30% for hot-water at the same time as the comfort is improved!

Mixing air

ELLESS saving-jet-collector replaces existing jet-collector. The design including air-mixture and speed-increase the saving-jet-collector is direct standard increasing. A wet, full and pleasant jet is obtained with sufficient pressure. This gives a high rinsing and washing comfort even at low flow. Full rinsing-effect is achieved with 3-4 liters less water per minutes then with conventional jet-collectors. Every minute a washbasin or a kitchen-sink is used for washing or rinsing under running water, 3-4 liters less water are used. Recalculated to warm-water-energy it means approx. 100-160 Watt. Under one minuteís use of a saving-jet-collector the decrease of energy is as much as a 40-Watt light-bulb uses in 2-4 hours.

Save 35 - 300 US$ per year and household!

Add all minutes as a washbasin and a kitchen-sink is used by a family during a day, week, year etc. With the above-described simple measures the hot-water-consumption will decrease 30-100 liters per day (hot-water-temperature 55-60ļC). The yearly decrease will be 10-30 m3 per household. One m3 hot water costs 3.50 - 10 US $. The saving result will be 35 - 300 US $ per year! (The difference depends on the amount of people in the household, local price-difference etc.)

There are more reasons to use ELLESS Saving-jet-collector:

  • It works as a silencer. Noisy faucets, caused by turbulence, become more silent and the noise can even disappear completely.

  • It can completely eliminate water hammers caused by fast on and off handling with a single-handle-faucet.

  • The quality in combination with simple design gives prolonged functions with high saving-effect.

  • The speed in the piping system decreases. This can ad to the lifetime of the system, especially in a thin tubing system.

- Donít hesitate, help saving energy, and at the same time you can save hundreds of US$ per household and year!


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