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Learn about water

To save water is also to save money, but to only decrease the amount of water is to lower the comfort. An ELLESS product improves the comfort and saves water!

When filling a kitchen-sink with water, nothing is saved with a lower flow, it will create irritation if it takes to long time.

The savings are accomplished during rinsing and similar situations with running water. ELLESS saving-jet-collector increases the water-speed and mixes air into the water already at low flows. This means that rinsing will need 35-50% less water without decreasing the water-jet’s rinsing properties. A modern kitchen-faucet has a flow of 6-10 liters/minute and with ELLESS saving-jet-collector 3-5 liters/minute when rinsing glasses and china. The water-jet feels richer and heavier with ELLESS Saving-jet-collector.

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Water - The worlds most natural resource.

Learn about water

Human development depends on the environment's providing a variety of goods and services—now and in the future. But the links between environmental conditions and human welfare are complex. Environmental changes can make poverty worse by compromising health, livelihoods, and protection from natural disasters. And economic growth can create new stresses on the environment as the demand for environmental resources rises and the damaging by-products of economic activity accumulate. But environmental resources are needed to promote economic growth and reduce poverty, and growth itself creates the means and the demand for an improved environment.

Roughly 2.8 billion poor and near-poor people in the world—those living on less than $2 a day—are disproportionately affected by these bad environmental conditions. They are particularly vulnerable to shocks from environmental change and natural catastrophes. Every year around 5 million people in developing countries die from waterborne diseases and polluted air. The livelihoods of around 1 billion rural people are at risk because of desertification and land degradation. And up to two-thirds of the world's people are likely to be affected by water scarcity.

Water--the most basic natural resource.
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