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The quality of the ELLESS Power-Jet-System® products in combination with their unique design is the secret behind our success. By utilizing kinetic energy in an optimal way ELLESS Power-Jet-System® increases the water speed also at low water-pressure levels. In addition to the considerable savings of water and energy, this also greatly enhances the comfort by providing a smooth and powerful spray.

All manufacturing is subcontracted to a select few ISO-certified companies, including the assembly and packaging. This together with the fact that all our products are backed with a 2 year warranty on material serves to ensure you receive the highest quality and secure delivery of our products.

From our customers we have heard that their key requirements are to:

  • Save water & energy
  • Increase water-speed & pressure
  • Reduce energy cost
  • Improve comfort
  • Increase Guest Satisfaction (in hotels)

We are proud to say that our ELLESS Power-Jet-System® products have exceeded our customers expectations in all categories.


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